Friday, October 30, 2009

Caratacus Rides Again!

My Domus Carataci personal blog on JournalSpace with years of posts was destroyed when JournalSpace's server crashed in 2007. Since then I haven't run a personal blog, channeling most of my energies into Shit Creek Review, The Chimaera and THE FLEA and their respective blogs. But some material fits better onto a personal blog than onto the more formal context of a literary magazine's blog; with that in mind I have revived Domus Carataci, now on Blogspot, and renamed it I, Caratacus. I will update it from time to time, whenever Bloggina, the Muse of Bloggers, inspires me.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dzanc Best of Web and Pushcart Nominations

SCR/The Chimaera/The Flea

2009 Nominations for the Pushcart — Best of the Small Presses Anthology and the Dzanc Books Best of the Web Series.



'Prayer for a Horseman' by Timothy Murphy

'After the Funeral' by Janice D. Soderling

'After Van Gogh’s CafĂ© Terrace at Night' by Sam Byfield

'Kung Fu Monkeys Hijack Armored Car' by Dennis Loney

'Life' by Bill Greenwell

'Monstrance or Reliquary' by Ann Drysdale

The Chimaera

'The Red Mud of Lydney' by Ann Drysdale

'An Understudy for Desire' by Alan Gould

'Lighthouse, with Poet Brandishing His Hat' by Rhina P. Espaillat

'Talcott Mountain' by Martin Elster

'The Annexe' by Stephen Edgar

'I Am Going Drown' by Charles Musser

The Flea

'Two Theories' by Rhina Espaillat

'Against Beauty' by Alfred Nichol

'High Bank' by Bill Greenwell

'Body of Evidence' by Catherine Chandler

'Iconography' by Maryann Corbett

'Said Yeats’s Bones to Hardy’s Heart' by Ann Drysdale

Dzanc Books Best of Web


'After the Funeral' by Janice D. Soderling

'Prayer for a Horseman' by Timothy Murphy

'Death Watch' by Michael Cantor

The Chimaera

'Sonnet 23 from The Dark Lady' by Jennifer Reeser

'Distraction' by Rick Mullin

'Seeing People' by Geoff Page

The Flea

'Vertigo' by Stephen Edgar

'Clock of the Moon and Stars' by Marly Youmans

'Hydrangeas' by Mark Allinson

Monday, October 12, 2009

IMPORTANT: Submissions Sept - October

My computer and much of its back-up went to God on the morning of 4th October due to an unfortunate combination of events involving two poodles, a lunatic cat, some tequila and a go-go dancer. Consequently if you submitted work by DIRECT EMAIL to The Chimaera between September 7 and October 4 you need to resubmit it. 

If you submitted work by the online form, as most did, then your work is safe and you should not resubmit. Read the announcement here:

Needless to say I am mortified by this development, and apologise to all concerned.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fleas of the Apocalypse

THE THIRD FLEA of the Apocalypse is loose!

Mark Allinson, Mary Alexandra Agner, Maryann Corbett, Ann Drysdale, Richard Epstein, Midge Goldberg, Bill Greenwell, R. Nemo Hill, Janet Kenny, Janice D. Soderling, J.J. Steinfeld, Leo Yankevich, Marly Youmans, & Thomas Zimmerman

Flea! Flea!