Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Beast Sloucheth Ever More Near

Not long now, Monster-Watchers. Your valiant and tireless editors, Sir Peter de Bloxsom and St Paul of the Croissant, fending off the howling gargoyles, gibbering apes and rampant wyverns of Real Life, have been toiling around the sundial, cobbling tag and code, cutting, pasting, tweaking, linking, correcting: labouring to bring the fabulous beast to birth. The Light Chimaera is almost here. Just one or two more sleeps. Or so.

To pass the time meanwhile you will do no better than to swing over to Autumn Sky Poetry and have a good old read. Antonia Clark's 'Lunatic Blues' will knock your socks off. You probably won't even remember The Chimaera after you've read it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Chimaera Slouches Closer

The Fifth Chimaera, its hour almost come round at last, is slouching towards Bethlehem, and should be born fairly soon. Some of the editors have been having insistent reality-engagement issues involving end-of-days scenarios: rivers running with blood, women wailing for their demon lovers, lions prowling at midnight on the High Street, clouds opening to reveal God, new-born puppies with heads like Tony Blair and so forth. We expect these issues to be resolved fairly soon, and The Fifth Chimaera lightly to trip fourth forth when the moon is in the seventh house.