Friday, March 21, 2008

Joseph S. Salemi interviewed by Paula Berinstein

Joseph S. Salemi, who has published work in The Chimaera and SCR (here and here), was recently interviewed at length by Paula Berinstein of the Writing Show website on the problems of contemporary poetry. This interview will be of interest to all engaged with poetry, whether they agree with Dr. Salemi's argument or not. 'The State of Poetry Today' interview can be accessed as an audio podcast at

Also, one of Salemi's translations of Horace's Odes was a finalist for the latest Willis Barnstone Translation Prize.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rick Mullin's New Chapbook

Rick Mullin's work has graced the pages of SCR/TC on more than one occasion:

'Amity After the Fire'

'Shrine to Satan' (An SCR Pushcart Prize nomination)

'Still Life with Mackerel'


Now Rick has a new chapbook out, Aquinas Flinched, available from Modern Metrics. You'll also find books there by SCR/TC contributors Mark Allinson, Mary Meriam and Quincy Lehr.


SCR#7 'Masks' issue deadline is SOON!

March 23rd, 2008, in fact. Crikey! That's next week this Sunday!

Submissions for SCR #7

The Chimaera's 'Belonging' issue deadline is pretty soon too—April Fool's Day.

Grab some vellum, sharpen those quills and start composing!

Submissions for The Belonging Chimaera.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pat Jones in The Guardian

Pat Jones,the artist/photographer for The Chimaera, is also a very gifted poet. Her poem 'Fog Woman' not only features in The Guardian's poetry workshop for March hosted by David Morley, but a richly evocative phrase from the poem, thick with season, is used as the title for the whole workshop article! Pat is also Shit Creek Review's Resident Artist.

Good on you, Pat!