Saturday, October 25, 2008

South African Poetry Blog

South African poets seem hard to find on the English-speaking poetry boards and in the ezines. Lots of Merkins, Canuks, Pommies, Aussies and the odd EnZedder, but in my ignorance I just don't seem to stumble across many Seth Efricans. Now here's a cool poetry blog emanating from that direction — Peony Moon. It's run by Michelle McGrane, a smart lady who's given me some great ideas. Peony Moon's worth following — I've put the url into the Links list.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Light Submissions!

For The Chimaera Issue 5, due out in the second half of January 2009, our Feature Theme will be light verse. John Whitworth (Spotlight Poet in this issue) has agreed to guest-edit the feature. The definition of light verse will be broad rather than narrow. We’ll be looking for well-made poems in a lighter style (see the part of the the Spotlight interview touching on light verse). John will select for the feature from submissions received, which should be sent via our online form (preferred) or by email to the usual editorial address ( — not, please, directly to John. And please read our submission guidelines first.

Our Spotlight Poet for Issue 5 will be Stephen Edgar, three of whose poems appear in the current issue. If you have special familiarity with Stephen Edgar’s work and would like to contribute to this feature, please contact the editor.

Issue 5 will also include the usual miscellany of verse and prose in various styles and on various themes. We invite Submissions for this General section as well.

All submissions need to be in by December 1st, 2008.